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Everything can be automated!

Dennis East International has an advanced system for applying promotional prices to incoming orders. XTROVERT grants visibility into pricing and ensures accuracy as it exports orders into SAGE200.
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XTROVERT has totally eliminated the guesswork from our order entry process.
Dave McCarthy
IT Director, Dennis East
Automating with XTROVERT has increased accuracy manyfold.
Amy Roycroft
Order Entry, Dennis East

Eliminating Phone Calls

Just Got to Have It! processes dozens of account leads every week. Now, with LEADSYNQ, all stakeholders have visibility into the status of a lead without the need for "check up" phone calls.
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Lead followup used to be a time-consuming process. Now, everything is organized on one convenient console.
Michelle Ruby
Principal, Just Got to Have It!
I used to email leads to the field reps. Now, I just log them and can see followup as it takes place.
Gabe Mazzone
Just Got to Have It! Vendor

Setting Vendors up with One Click

Capacity LLC is one of the nation's largest 3PL operations. With Bizperanto, they are able to connect their vendors to all of their order sources with one click.
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Vendors love that setting up with Bizperanto is so quick.
Nikhil Prabakar
Sales Director, Capacity
Bizperanto connects our Netsuite instance to Capacity, processing many thousands of orders per month.
Mike Herman
IT Director, Alphagility